In your opinion, what is the best time of year to visit Disney World in terms of crowds and experiences? We are trying to avoid holiday weeks. Are pools typically open at the resorts/hotels in the winter months?


We think there is no wrong time to visit Walt Disney World. Even the most crowded times are easily manageable using the DAS or Genie+. But, guests with special needs often find that light crowds lead to a better experience.

Avoid the Crowds

The best way to avoid crowds at Walt Disney World is to follow the school schedule. When schools are in session, the parks are less crowded. But, as expected, the school holidays bring the heaviest crowds.

There are a few times during the year that are great times to visit if you want to avoid crowds:

After the rush of the winter holidays, mid-January through mid-March is a great time to visit. Avoid the long President’s Day weekend, however. Also, be aware of when Easter falls. Every few years, it is at the end of March instead of April. Generally, avoid the last two weeks of March and the first two weeks of April. 

Mid-August through September also sees lighter crowds. That is if you can withstand the heat and humidity. Labor Day weekend is the only time to expect heavier crowds. As the parks gear up for their Halloween festivities in October, crowds begin to rise again.

Disney uses these less crowded times to refurbish attractions. Thus, fewer crowds increase the possibility that your favorite ride(s) may not be open. Park hours are shorter during these times as well. 

Pools and water parks are open year-round. Yet, there are times when the weather might be a bit too chilly to enjoy them.

Factor in the Weather

Everyone has their idea of what good weather is. Some visitors prefer cooler temperatures and sweater weather. Others enjoy the heat and spend all day at the pool. 

The coolest temperatures occur in January, reaching as low as 50 degrees. These cooler temps continue through February and into March. Of course, the winter months are also the dry period in Orlando, so you won’t need to pack the ponchos or umbrellas. However, the chilly winter weather might dampen your plans to spend time at the water parks or lounge by the pool. 

If you enjoy the heat, beginning in May and lasting until September, there is plenty of heat – and humidity – to offer. Water lovers will especially enjoy summer at the parks. You may visit the parks in the early morning and evening and spend your days at the pool or one of the water parks. And, don’t forget your poncho or umbrella. Summer thunderstorms are frequent afternoon events. 

Cooler temperatures return in October through December. You may want to wear layers and bring some shorts because warmer days pop up occasionally. 

Best time to visit Disney World

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