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It’s the one question every parent with a child under a certain age asks as they’re packing for their Disney vacation. Stroller or no stroller? If your child is under 4, the answer is easy. Yes, you definitely need a stroller. If your child is in that magical age range between 5-9 years old, it’s a more difficult decision. While they don’t use a stroller anymore at home, you know that they still have those little legs that get tired easily. And you heard from a friend who was at Disney last year with her 6-year-old that on average you walk about 20 miles per day at each theme park. And she told you in great detail how it felt to walk to the buses at the end of the day carrying the weight of a 45 pound sleeping child. It didn’t sound fun. And while 20 miles per day may be a slight exaggeration, 8-10 isn’t. So our advice is always, when in doubt, bring the stroller!

Stroller Options

Option #1 – Bring Your Own!

Price – FREE!


  • No cost
  • Most comfortable for your child
  • You’re familiar with how it works which is helpful when you need to fold it down for Disney transportation
  • If it’s a few years old or unique it will be easily distinguishable from the crowd.
  • Available to you whenever you need it outside of the theme parks


  • If flying, you need to lug it with you on the flight which is just another thing for you to worry about.
  • If driving, it takes up valuable luggage space
  • Wear and tear on the stroller
  • Any damage or broken parts will be your responsibility

***Note: Strollers cannot be any larger than 31” (79cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long***

Option #2 – Rent from Disney


$15/day (single) $13/day (multi-day)

$31/day (double) $27/day (multi-day)


  • Made of sturdy plastic and includes shade barrier
  • If something happens to it (wheel falls off) Disney will be able to replace it quickly
  • The double strollers can handle the weight of an older/heavier child
  • They’re available whenever you need one inside the park
  • You don’t have to take it everywhere with you
  • Won’t take up space in your hotel room


  • The hard plastic can be quite uncomfortable.
  • You can’t take it outside of the theme park (Imagine carrying your sleeping child from the park to the bus, car or monorail station after a long, hot day).
  • Because they all look the same it can be hard to identify yours amongst a group.

Option #3 – Rent from a non-Disney provider


$45 + (1-3 days)

$65 + (4-7 days)


  • All strollers are guaranteed to fit Disney’s new size requirement
  • Offer a special needs stroller
  • Very similar to the type of stroller you would use at home
  • Typically less expensive than renting from Disney
  • More comfortable than Disney strollers


  • You will have to take it everywhere
  • You will need something to cover it in case of a rain shower
  • May take up valuable space in your hotel room
  • Arrangements to pick up and drop off the stroller from the third party vendor must be made. Disney no longer allows them to drop off their strollers at the bell desk at the hotels

Recommended Providers:

  • Orlando Stroller Rentals: (800) 281-0884
    • For those arriving at Orlando International Airport, according to their website: “We now have our Orlando Stroller Rentals service at the Orlando International Airport (MCO).  Please select Orlando International Airport and include your flight information.  The pick up and return counter is located at the Hold My Luggage counter at B Terminal Level 1, same terminal and level as Disney’s Magical Express.  Our customers love where our counter is located and the convenience of the entire process.”
    • For those not arriving via Orlando International Airport: Orlando Stroller Rentals will arrange a time to meet you at the resort to drop off and pick up your stroller.
  • Kingdom Strollers: (407) 271-5301 (offers special needs stroller)
    • For those arriving at Orlando International Airport, according to their website: “Starting January 8th, guests will be able to pick up and return their stroller from the Orlando International Airport. The pick up and return counter will be located in Terminal A, Level 1 close to the USO lounge.” The airport counter will be opened from 5am – 7pm 7 days per week.
    • For those not arriving via Orlando International Airport: “Kingdom Strollers will meet with you face to face at a designated time and place for your delivery and return pick up. It’s extremely important that during the reservation process you choose a time in which you will be able to meet with us for both delivery and the return pick up. You will receive delivery and return location information via email after your order is placed.”
  • Magic Strollers: (866) 866-6177

Option #4 – Buy one locally in Orlando after your arrive or order one from Amazon to be delivered to your resort.


Starting as low as $15 for a basic umbrella stroller up to $150 for a larger sturdier model


  • Depending on your length of stay, you can probably save money on a basic, inexpensive model
  • Brand new, never been used
  • You can donate or sell it after


  • You’ll have an extra stroller at the end of your stay that you don’t need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a stroller into the line for an attraction or into a restaurant?

No you may not. Your stroller must be parked in the designated stroller parking location for that attraction or restaurant before you enter.

My kids are 7 and 9 and haven’t used strollers at home for several years. But everyone says I should still rent a stroller. What do you think?

Only you can know whether your children need strollers or not. Remember, each park is about 8-10 miles of walking per day. If your children are very active at home then walking that much may not bother them. But also factor in the heat and between running to make your dining reservations or FastPasses, you may be keeping up a very fast and busy pace. Your 7 and 9 year old may need a break during a busy day.

Basically, you have 2 choices:

  1. Don’t bring your stroller and if your children get tired out you always have the option of renting a stroller inside the park from Disney. This may be your least budget friendly option though.
  2. Bring the stroller just in case. If your kids need it, great! They’ll be happier in the long run for giving their legs a break. If they don’t need it, you can use it to hold all your stuff and just leave it in your hotel room the next day.

Can I park my stroller wherever I want?

No, each attraction, show and restaurant has a designated location for stroller parking. You must leave your stroller there before entering your destination.

Are strollers allowed on Disney Transportation?

Yes, they are. Although the “how” is different for each type of transportation.

Monorail: Unless it is an unusually crowded day, guests are able to roll strollers directly onto the Monorail, either with or without children in them. This is especially nice when your child is sleeping. Under crowded conditions you may be asked to fold your stroller to accommodate more guests on board.

Parking Lot Trams:  Strollers must be folded and carried onto the tram.

Ferry Boats: Strollers can roll on board. There is no need to remove the child.

Buses: Stroller must be folded and carried onto the bus.

Friendship Boats: Strollers can generally be rolled on board without being folded. Some captains may ask that children not be in the stroller while they are being wheeled aboard.

Motor Launch Boats: Strollers must be folded to board.

Motor Cruiser Boats: Strollers can generally be rolled on board without being folded. Some captains may ask that children not be in the stroller while they are being wheeled aboard.

Magical Express Bus (Airport Transportation): Strollers must be folded and stored in the luggage compartment under the bus.

How does multi-day or length of stay pricing work?

On the first day of your visit, stop by the stroller rental stands at any of the theme parks. Let them know how long you’ll be staying, and they’ll charge you the discounted length-of-stay rate. You will also be given a receipt which shows that you’ve paid for your entire visit. Any time you need a stroller during the rest of your vacation, go up to one of the stroller rental stands and show them the receipt. They’ll give you a stroller at no additional charge.

Can I take my Disney stroller rental with me if I’m park hopping?

No, you may not. Your Disney stroller rental must be returned before you leave each theme park. So, if you’re going from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot, you’ll return your stroller rental to the Magic Kingdom before you leave and pick up a new stroller upon your arrival at Epcot. Disney strollers are only available for use inside the the theme parks they were rented from.

Do I have to pay for a new rental every time I park hop?

You only have to pay for Disney stroller rental at one theme park per day. If you park hop, just remove your family’s name placard from the stroller and take that, and your rental receipt, to your second park of the day. At the second park, show the receipt and they’ll provide you  with a new stroller.

All Disney strollers look the same. How can I tell which one is mine?

You will receive a large card with your family name on it that will be placed inside a transparent sleeve on the stroller. We also suggest personalizing your stroller somehow.  You could attach a balloon to it, or a brightly colored bandana or ribbon.

Why should I use one of Disney’s preferred stroller rental providers?

Being a Disney’s preferred or featured stroller providers means that Disney has approved that company’s strollers.  It means that Disney approves of the way they clean and sanitize the strollers and how they are inspected before being delivered to a Disney resort. They also check the website, delivery capability and customer service procedures to make sure it is acceptable.

If I want to have my stroller delivered to my resort do I need to use one of Disney’s preferred providers?

Disney no longer allows stroller vendors to drop off the stroller ahead of your arrival. All stroller vendors (including preferred providers) may still deliver to the resort but they will have to make arrangements to meet you and personally deliver the stroller to you.

If you are flying into Orlando International Airport, Orlando Stroller Rentals  and Kingdom Strollers both have stroller pick up and return locations in the B Terminal, Level 1.  This is the same level as Disney’s Magical Express and the car rental counters.  They work around your flight schedule.

Are Keenz stroller wagons allowed at WDW and Disneyland?

No. Guests are no longer allowed to bring in their Keenz strollers. There has actually been quite a bit of confusing information regarding this. The official policy of Disney is that they are not allowed. But Cast Members are human and sometimes they make exceptions to the rules. Many people who have children with special needs have reported that if you are carrying medical equipment and advise the cast member at the gate that the stroller is a medical necessity for a special needs child then they will allow you to bring it into the park. Just make sure to have a back up plan in case you run into that one cast member who won’t make the exception.

I am bringing my own stroller but I’m concerned about it being stolen. How can I protect it?

First of all, it is rare for a stroller to be stolen at Disney. Usually, in a sea of look-alike strollers, someone takes the wrong stroller thinking it is theirs. If your stroller isn’t where you left it, check with the closest Cast Member. Usually they’re the culprits behind the missing stroller. It’s their job to make sure that stroller parking stays organized and that as many strollers as possible can fit into a small space. So, you should probably expect that your stroller won’t be exactly where you left it, but most likely it was just moved by a cast member and it won’t be far away. However, if you want to be doubly safe here are a few tips:

  • If you have a special needs stroller, get it tagged as a wheelchair. You can bring it right up to the front of the line with you. The cast members will take it and put it behind a gated area or they will watch it for you. When you get off the ride they will bring it back around for you.
  • I’ve heard of people taking off one of the wheels and carrying it with them onto the attraction.
  • Put a tracker from Amazon or Staples on the stroller.
  • Hide a tile device inside.
  • Make it easily identifiable.  Especially if your stroller is black or navy blue, tie something on it to make it distinguishable from others. It could be a special balloon, or a bandana or ribbon. Just something that makes it stand out from the crowd. This makes it less likely that someone will accidentally walk off with it.

**Important! You are not allowed to chain your stroller to anything stationary. You may, however, use a bike chain/lock and loop it through the back tires. This will still allow the stroller to be moved by cast members if necessary.

Are there certain types of strollers that are not allowed inside the theme parks?

Yes. Keenz and any other brands of stroller wagons have been banned from the park as of May 1st, 2019. At the same time, Disney implemented new stroller size restrictions. Strollers larger than 31” (79 cm) in width and 52” (132cm) in length are not permitted.

If you want to make certain that your stroller will be allowed in the park, see this helpful article: The List of Strollers That Are and Aren’t Allowed Into U.S. Disney Parks

I would like to purchase a stroller when I arrive in Orlando, but we will not have a car rental. How can I get to a local Walmart or Target?

Did you know that Amazon will deliver to your resort?  Save yourself the hassle and order an inexpensive stroller from Amazon and have it delivered to your Disney resort the next day.

Stroller Tips

  • Consider bringing a stroller rain shield or cover. Sudden rainstorms are quite common at WDW and some of the stroller parking areas are uncovered. A rain cover will help prevent the stroller and your child from getting wet. These are available all over including Walmart or order one off of Amazon.

  • For those hot summer days, purchase an inexpensive clip on fan from Amazon and attach it to the stroller. This is a great way to keep your child cool and comfortable.

  • If you’re renting a stroller from Disney, bring an extra towel to dry it in case it gets wet from the rain. Also, a soft towel might make the hard plastic seat a bit more comfortable.

  • Don’t leave anything you can’t afford to lose in the stroller while you’re on a ride. Anything valuable should be taken with you.

  • Use a stroller that has a wide sunshade. Umbrella strollers are great for light weight and ease of carrying on and off the buses. However, most of the time their sunshades are not that great. A sunshade will keep your little one cool, and protected from the sun.

  • Battery operated holiday lights or glow sticks are a great way to make your stroller stand out and easily visible at night.

  • All strollers must be unloaded and folded before getting on the buses or trams. Don’t wait for the last minute to unload and fold your stroller. That tends to make the people in line behind you cranky. Especially at the end of a long day!

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