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Top 12 Disney You Tube Channels

Are you having Disney withdrawals?  Do you consider the Disney parks your second home? Are you wanting to see a ride-through video of Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway? Would you like to see highlights of Epcot's Flower and Garden Show? Or do you need help planning your dining reservations and need to know the best places to eat.  Or maybe you just need some general help planning your trip to [...]

All You Need to Know About Strollers at Disney World

It's the one question every parent with a child under a certain age asks as they're packing for their Disney vacation. Stroller or no stroller? If your child is under 4, the answer is easy. Yes, you definitely need a stroller. If your child is in that magical age range between 5-9 years old, it's a more difficult decision. While they don't use a stroller anymore at home, you know [...]

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Walt Disney World Park Ticket Guide

If you're planning a vacation to Disney, you're going to need tickets to the theme parks. If you do a little research on your own you'll see certain terms thrown around: Base Ticket, Park Hopper, Park Hopper Plus, one park per day, special event tickets and so on. So many tickets! It's really not as complicated as it seems. Keep reading to find out the different types of tickets and [...]

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The Complete Guide to First Aid and Baby Care Centers at Walt Disney World

You can't remember to bring everything with you for a day at one Disney's four theme parks. There is always something that comes up and you end up blaming yourself for forgetting a certain item at home or in your hotel room. For example, you've been walking for hours in those new shoes you bought just for your Disney vacation. Around hour two you feel the blister developing on your [...]

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7 Must Know Disney Dining Plan Tips

One of the many purposes of the Disney Dining Plan is to give resort guests an all-inclusive resort experience. It can also be a relief to not have to worry about how much every meal costs and if you’re overspending on your food budget. With research and some careful planning, you’ll find that the dining plan offers flexibility and control of when, where and how you spend your dining credits. [...]

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The Ins and Outs of Disney Character Dining

Imagine enjoying a meal while your child’s favorite Disney character circulates the room offering hugs, high fives and happiness. If this sounds enjoyable, then you may want to schedule one or more Character Meals during your vacation. This is a great way to meet and spend time with the characters, get autographs, take photos and have a meal at the same time. The best part is that you won’t have [...]

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The Ultimate Walt Disney World Dining Guide

Before you decide whether the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) is right for you and your family, you must know what is is and how it works. The Disney Dining Plan is a pre-paid meal plan where, depending on which plan you purchase, a certain number of points are encoded onto your Magic Band which you can then use to purchase your meals with. When it’s time to pay for your [...]

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When is the best time to visit Walt Disney World?

How do you decide when the best time is for your family to visit Walt Disney World? Most people are limited by school or work schedules. These limitations will help narrow down your choices. School breaks, such as spring break, summer, and the holidays tend to be the most crowded at the parks. Do you love hot weather and want to take advantage of the water parks or your resort pool? Summer would be [...]

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The Ideal Length of Stay at Disney World

Everyone's idea of the ideal length of stay at Walt Disney World is different. For example, each time I book a trip to Disney World, my first thought is: How long? I don’t like to rush; I like to take my time and enjoy some rest and relaxation along the way. But somewhere around the fifth day I crave my home and my bed.  So while my heart says that two weeks is [...]

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How to Create a Disney World Vacation Budget

How much does it cost to go to Walt Disney World? You’re ready to book your family's dream vacation to Walt Disney World. You did your online research and maybe read a guidebook or two. Now it is time to find out how much your dream vacation will cost. How much money do you need to set aside for souvenirs and snacks and all those little extras that add up over time? Can you [...]

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