At Walt Disney World and Disneyland:

The accommodation will go into your My Disney Experience account – a button will appear in the app in your account. This button does not appear until you activate your park ticket for the day and will fall off at midnight. The button will reappear the next time you activate your park ticket for the day. Sometimes it takes a couple minutes after you enter the park for it to appear.

To set up a return time, look on welcome page of your account in the app – you will see the DAS button at the bottom on the left. When you click on the DAS button, the next screen will show you the list of attractions that you can set up the DAS return time for and the standby wait time. If the wait time for the ride exceeds 10 minutes, the app will give you a return time that is the stand-by line wait time minus 10 minutes. For example, if you are at Space Mountain at 11:00 am and the standby time is 45 minutes. Your return time will be 11:35 am. You will select the attraction that you want the return time for. Then on the next screen you will select who all in your group that will be going to the attraction with the DAS holder. When you return at your designated time, the person who is the holder of the DAS needs to be with your group and must be the first person to redeem the return time. Also, if you need special accommodations (i.e. access to an immediate exit), you need to mention these needs at this time to the cast member. This way they can direct you to the best entrance for you.

When you return for your DAS return time, you will be directed to the “lightning lane” line or handicap access line, you will still have a line to wait in, it is just a much shorter line than the stand-by line. You can only have 1 DAS return time at a time. Another return time cannot be selected until the current one is used. TIP – several attractions have 1 touch point that the guest must touch when returning to the attraction to redeem the DAS – this one is at the entrance to the attraction. Many of the attractions will have 2 touch points – the second one is about 3/4 of the way through the line. Guests can set up another DAS return time (while standing in line) after ALL touch points have been touched.