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You can’t remember to bring everything with you for a day at one Disney’s four theme parks. There is always something that comes up and you end up blaming yourself for forgetting a certain item at home or in your hotel room. For example, you’ve been walking for hours in those new shoes you bought just for your Disney vacation. Around hour two you feel the blister developing on your heel and you realize you don’t have any bandages with you. What do you do? Or, it’s 95 degrees out and your baby is hot and cranky and won’t take her bottle. What do you do? Disney has an easy solution for both. Visit First Aid or the Baby Care Center. Always next door to each other in every Disney theme park, First Aid can take care of your blister and the Baby Care Center offers a cool, quiet place for you and your baby to relax. Read on to find out exactly what First Aid and the Baby Care Center offers and how they can help make your Disney vacation stress-free.

Walt Disney World First Aid and Baby Care Centers are located in every park and can be found next door to each other at the following locations:
  • Magic Kingdom — Adjacent to the Crystal Palace off Main Street, U.S.A.

  • Epcot — Odyssey Center in Future World

  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios — Adjacent to the Guest Relations Building just past the Main Entrance

  • Animal Kingdom — Behind Creature Comforts in Safari Village

  • Blizzard Beach–Between the Beach Haus and Lottawatta Lodge

  • Typhoon Lagoon–Adjacent to Leaning Palms

***The Water Parks do not have Baby Care Centers***

First Aid Centers

First Aid can treat the following: Fever, common cold, headaches, insect bites, allergic reactions, upset stomachs, eye irritation, cuts and blisters and more. 

In each First Aid Center, you’ll find: 

  • Each first aid at Disney has a nurse there who can help you with all of your emergency or non-emergency needs. This nurse can also help you locate and make an appointment with a local Urgent Care clinic.

  • They can hold and refrigerate medication (it must be labeled, have the correct name of the person taking it while in the park, and be in an original bottle).

  • Private rooms. Each First Aid Station has rooms like doctors’ examination rooms with exam tables that can be made lower or higher. The exam rooms have a sink and a door that you can shut. These rooms are available for those who need a private room to handle  special health needs and treatments. You’ll find basic supplies, an IV pole, a table, and most of all you’ll have privacy.

  • First Aid can hold medical equipment and health supplies for you. Contact them to make sure they can hold your specific medical supplies, as what is permitted can change there. See below for contact information.

  • If you need to monitor your blood pressure, the First Aid Stations have a monitoring unit and can do this for you.

  • They have semi-private areas where you can take your treatments or rest. Every First Aid Station has cubicles separated by privacy curtains or partial walls. These areas have cots, a table and a chair.

  • Older guests (larger children, teens or adults) who need diaper changing can do this in the First Aid Station.

  • People with fatigue, pain or other issues can lie down on a cot and rest. Keep in mind that the cot rooms are not soundproof. Also keep in mind that there are only a few cots for potentially tens of thousands of guests. It’s fine to use them for a short period, but if you need an extended rest, it’s best to return to your resort.

  • You can get things for free like: Band-aids, over-the-counter medications like Tylenol, common cold medications, cough drops, tissues, ice for a bruise, etc.

  • They also have: EpiPens for allergic reactions, Powerade (in case of dehydration), cool cloths for headaches and contact solution for dry eyes.

  • If you or a family member have a fever, drop by First Aid and they can take your temperature. Thermometer strips are available to take an infant’s temperature.

  • Best of all, they have air conditioning!

Baby Care Centers

In each Baby Care Center, you’ll find: 

  • Areas for heating formula and baby food

  • Sinks for cleaning bottles or dishes

  • Free utensils, plastic spoons and bibs

  • Women’s only area with rocking chairs and low lighting for nursing

  • Baby formula for purchase. They will not store your formula or baby food for you.

  • Feeding rooms with highchairs

  • Small tables and chairs

  • Television playing children’s shows

  • Water Cooler

  • Padded changing tables with disposable pads

  • Flush toilets for children who are potty training

  • Private restrooms for parents

  • The Baby Care Centers sell supplies such as disposable diapers, diaper ointment, baby powder, pull-on rubber pants, moist wipes, bottles, sippy cups, formula, baby food, juice, Pedialyte, pacifiers, sun lotion, teethers, over-the-counter medication such as children’s Tylenol, and more.

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