There are 2 ways to set up the DAS:

1 – The DAS is issued at the park’s Main Entrance Guest Relations locations and any of the blue (WDW) or green (DL) umbrellas scattered in the parks. You will participate in a registration process which includes have a photo taken of the DAS holder by a cast member.


2 – you can preregister online via chat with a cast member 30-2 days prior to your first day in the parks Here is the link for the chat for Walt Disney World . Here is the link for the chat at Disneyland.  If you decide to complete the registration via chat, guests will be able to preset 2 return times per day of their park tickets. These preset return times are a 1 hour window of time that guests can go to that attraction. These do expired and typically cannot be modified at the parks. These run on a separate internal system from the DAS so they DO NOT conflict with any return times set up at the parks via the DAS on the app. Guests DO NOT have to use these before they can set a DAS return time at the parks. Since the DAS return times and these preset return times run on different systems in the app, they do not conflict with each other.