When requesting the DAS you will need to focus on discussing with them how the card will benefit your child by means of safety and health, not by diagnosis.

Some examples:

  • Some children need alternative access to a ride due to needing an easy exit out of the ride.
  • To protect themselves or others during the course of a meltdown.
  • The child is extremely touchy with others. 
  • The child is incapable of waiting in line – shorter wait times would be necessary.
  • A medical reason for needing a shorter wait time such as: endurance, blood sugar control, low muscle tone, lack of perspiration, easily overheated, asthma, etc.

A doctor’s note or proof of disability is not required by Disney.  The cast members have been trained not to read a doctor’s note since there are legal restrictions around asking for proof of disability.  They will politely turn your note away. Also know that several disabilities have been removed from the approval list; therefore, a note may hurt more than help your chances at receiving the DAS. If your loved one will not tolerate having their picture taken by a cast member, someone else in your group may stand in for the photo. The photos are verification of who the DAS holder is when you approach the attractions.