Hello all! I’m looking to minimize standing and walking on my trip. What do you think is the best place to stay that will make it as simple as possible to get to the parks? I have been leaning towards onsite, but I’m feeling nervous about buses being too crowded, or having to wait a long time for them to come. Monorail resorts look good, but they’re expensive, so not sure that will be a good option for us. Any specific resorts you’d recommend? Or, any offsite recommendations that might also work well? Thanks for any advice!

Robyn Adams: Even with the monorail resorts you will still take a bus to Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Most of the resorts are pretty spread out. In general most people walk between 10-15 miles a day. A good middle of the road moderate is Port Orleans French Quarter. It’s lay out is a little more condensed in comparison to the other resorts.

A.U.: The Beach Club! Close to get to the bus stop from the rooms, boat easy to take to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. And we never found the buses to be crowded

M.M.: Consider doing a split stay and choose hotels close to the parks you’ll be visiting that day. We love split stays, you get to experience different hotels and theming, and bell services will move your luggage for you.

E.D.:We always stay on property and use the minivans for everything. The time it saves you from standing in long hot lines on your feet is well worth the cost.  We also carry a collapsible foot stool in our backpack that we sit on while waiting in queues and a cushion/blanket for parades And fireworks. (They get picky about the step stool so close to the parade route.) Walmart sells great waterproof picnic blankets that fold up and zip into a cushion/tote bag.

H.F.:there really is a LOT of standing and walking. If that is serious concern or issue you may want to consider renting an ECV for your visit… while I truly understand that you might not want to use one, being able to make the most of your time without injury or weakness ruining your stay, might be worth considering it. They make some that collapse or break down into smaller parts that fit into a car trunk, or if you stay onsite and use disney transportation you can roll right on the bus. The ECVis nice compared to a wheelchair as it gives you more indepenence so no one has to push you around, and the battery can be recharged daily. Companies can deliver right to your hotel more cheaply than renting at the parks Too. My son has one we purchased… LOVE it. It has 2 baskets for his medical gear too.

K.T. I would recommend getting an electric scooter. You can rent them in orlando and they deliver to your door. My mother had one because she has trouble with her knees and back. The buses load the scooters first so there is hardly a wait if any. She really enjoyed her time with the family.