Q: My question: My son is in a wheelchair. I keep leaning more and more towards the cabins. But I’m concerned about the water taxi’s accessibility. I definitely don’t mind waiting a little longer for one. And we don’t mind the buses either. We used Disney buses only when we were there in December and stayed at AOA.
So aside from the water taxi issue, are there other potential downfalls for a wheelchair bound kiddo at the cabins?

T.R.: I know with our daughter when we went to hoop de do it was easy getting there on the water taxi from Magic kingdom. When we left we were planning on taking the bus. It was not close by.
Robyn Adams: Some of my clients love the cabins because their car and all their stuff is right outside their door. Very easy for unpacking. The only other down fall is taking a bus to the water taxi or bus depot to then take another bus to some of the parks.
E.B.:  I stayed at the cabins but no one in my family had mobility issues. Since the cabins are so spread out there’s an internal bus that runs throughout the property. Then you have to take a bus to the parks. That’s the only down side for me. It adds to travel time.
K.M.: Check on the water taxis. I know they do not take ECV’s. Not sure about wheel chairs though.
M.M.:  We had no issues when we stayed at the campground with my son riding the water taxi.
M.H.: Our daughter is in a wheelchair. The boats are perfectly fine. But we love aoa. Easy to navigate. Never stayed in the cabins. So i cant speak to those.
E.G.: My daughter uses a wheelchair and we have stayed at the cabins multiple times. We usually rent a golf cart (which does add to the cost) instead of using the internal bus system.We use straps to secure the wheelchair to the back of the golf cart and she rides in the front seat of the cart with my husband while I sit in the back to hold/monitor the wheelchair.The boat to the Magic Kingdom is not a problem at all. They do have accessible cabins (the regular ones have a few steps up to the porch). The only caution I would offer is the pool is NOT a zero entry pool. It’s a fairly simple pool compared to some of the other resorts, but we like the space and privacy of the cabins.